Tuesday, 15 December 2015

This Curse of Alone

This weight is heavy.
This heart of mine.
The burden of lonely.
The wastage of time.

I need to run.
I need to hide.
Slow down my tears.
To a gentler tide.

But life is cruel.
More than not fair.
Need someone to love.
Need someone to care.

When will it end?
This curse of alone.
Find me a love.
Find me a home.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hurt Me if You Can

Some hurts don't go away.
They start bad, and they stay bad.
You don't learn to live with the pain. Ever.
You live with it because you have to...period.
Staying alive is the only thing that triumphs over some hurts.
So you live. Not through it but with it.
Every minute of every hour of every day.
The hurt is always there.
It becomes your comfort.
You hurt and you know you are alive.
You know you have beat the hurt.
You know you can live in spite of it.
You know you are better because of it.
You know hurt and you know you are stronger. Invincible.
So go ahead. Take your best shot.
Hurt me if you can.