Saturday, 1 November 2014


You have the life.
The life you always dreamed of, hoped for…
Loving family, beautiful home.
And, while the future is promised to no one,
what’s in your present seems to promise a bright future.

Then your “soul mate” decides it’s not enough.
They can do better on their own.
They turn their back on three decades.
Suddenly, you’re on the outside looking in…and you are alone.
And the life you dreamed of is, once again, just a dream.

But you are patient, and so you wait.
Wait for the day everyone will see the light,
everyone will see what has been lost,
everyone will want it all back, will want to rebuild.

But, as the months turn to years.
As the last piece of of your life’s foundation crumbles.
As your heart breaks yet again.
You are forced to face the cold facts.
That life is now gone. That future is now gone.
It will never be again, and everyone else has moved on.
You have been left behind. You are alone.

So you must decide…consciously. You must also move on.
There is nothing left to wait for.
There is no one left to wait with.
You are alone, in every way. And you must move on.
Find the strength to live again.
Find the strength to dream again.
Find the strength to move on…alone.

The future? It just doesn’t matter when you’re alone.