Saturday, 5 June 2004


Heartstrings stretched from inside out
play a tune of perfected joy.
The musician stands and turns about
although full grown he's just a boy.
Some heartstrings worn and some are new
but all are alive and all are in tune.
This boy at heart, into man he grew
gives all of his heartstrings to you.
Hopes, and dreams, and prayers all meet
and life's musician writes his tune.
The boy and girl in love should meet
and four times their love creates anew.
The boy is a father, the girl a mother
and together their love is perfected joy.
Sing me a daughter, sing me another
four daughters later, they're now bringing home boys.
What a wonderful mother,
what a wonderful wife.
She's been the guardian of my hearstrings.
She's my source of love, laughter and life.