Monday, 17 July 1995

What is a successful father?

To a Successful Father with love.
What goes into making a father?
And when does the making begin?
Is it simply the birth of a child?
Or when love is shared from within?
Is it just a biological link?
Or is it more the desire to love?
Is it a physical state of our being?
Or is it a spiritual gift from above?
The answers are ours to choose.
The proof is in how we live.
Some fathers are better than others.
The difference lies in the love that they give.
Look back at the life you have lived.
Examine the seeds you have sewn.
How much of yourself did you give?
How have your children grown?
Are you a success or a failure?
Are your children your friends or your foes?
There are many who feel worthy to judge you,
but you are the only one who truly knows.
Take heart in the life you are living,
and in the lives that your children now lead.
Take heart in your life of self-giving,
and in the children who now live your creed.