Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tell Me God

The tragedies of children wrought
when the Devil takes their innocence.
A mother's soul this Devil sought,
but that knowing is of little consequence.
And thus my childhood began,
fearing the fists of a drunken man.
But I don't think I escaped the Devil's plan,
even though I'm the "luckiest" of my clan.
Time heals all wounds is the biggest lie,
as years turn into decades past.
The pain is worse as each year goes by,
why can't I find happiness that lasts?
So tell me God, creator of earth,
what good you see in a child's tears?
What value a child's soul from birth?
What right have you to impose these fears?
Am I bitter? I guess I am.
For decades dancing to the Devil's plan.
While with just one wave of your hand,
you could have shown me the promised land.

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