Tuesday, 13 July 2010

All I Need

Thirty years of living,
same soul by my side.
Thirty years of loving,
can't say we haven't tried.
Sometimes there is no end,
joined as one for all time.
Sometimes that's what we intend,
but then it's not our will but thine.
There were some good years,
but lately mostly bad.
There were such happy tears,
but lately mostly sad.
If you can smile in the end,
knowing we shared love for a little bit,
then I'll know peace without end,
and I'll know happy when I find it.
And of all we possess, I want nothing.
Because even though I have now lost it, I did know your love for a brief moment in eternity. That memory is my most valued possession. That, and the love I still have for you, is all I need.

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